Customization Capability: Customizing Options for Corporate Solutions
Customization Capability: Customizing Options for Corporate Solutions

Deciding on the right ‘FIT’ model in learning is crucial since it keeps you focused, and it provides essential steps for good quality of learning from the beginning of the process, through the development, design, implementation, application, and finally evaluation of the learning results and effectiveness. However, to ‘fit for purpose’, it is probably one of the most difficult and challenging aspects for your unique needs … unique learning for growth. According to the core idea of Action Mapping by Cathy Moore, depending on your expected outcomes/ goals along with specified actions required in your workplace to achieve them, you can design which practical activities and types of learning that support.

Put simply, understanding that your business is unique, we can, with you, create a customized design for you. Our Customizing Capabilities show five levels of possibility.

  • OFF the SHELF: in light of your areas of focus and interests of skills and knowledge to acquire, we have FRAMING PROGRAMS for your selection. No Customization is applied. It is suitable when your goals are to pursue the general update and enhance the overall ability of your workforce to keep with the trending externalities. We have Streams for your choice depending on the Services.
  • GENERAL FIT: your business is unique; and depending on the level of personalization of the content is, the integration of your Images and models and specific examples is beneficial in transforming our Framing Programs into your ‘Look and Feel’. This option is best applied once the standardized knowledge needs concretizing into your contexts.
  • OPTIMAL FIT: based on the Framing Programs, the level of integration is more intensive by integrating your Unique Scenarios and Specific Objectives by your situation. This option ensures the great personalization of the learning content that keeps you on the stay of improved capabilities at the most optimal cost.
  • Your PROGRAM: design by unique fit, this option puts the highest level of customization by the deep understanding of your learning needs, referring Framing Programs. Not only your existing contents are integrated but also past training ones could be merged if you want to. This option is best suited for your iterated learning demands with the need to match external trends.
  • Your DESIGN: if you seek a perfect reflection [bespoken] in designing the learning progress, ‘designing a new program from scratch’ is worth considering. The program is yours, the content is yours, the unique capability is yours. The highest confidentiality of contents is assured.

Feel confused? Do not worried! We are here to go with you through the single details of your needs and support your best choice to maximize the results at the best optimal spending. The well-established process is designed in a strong consistency with the nature of all settings to ensure the understanding of your situations and the most beneficial and appropriate outcomes achieved.

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