Experiential Learning at The A.Experts
Experiential Learning at The A.Experts

Understanding our responsibility in assuring the effectiveness and success of single solutions, we appreciate Experiential Learning in two ways: when we learn from your situations and expectations, and when we explore suitable EDGE to compose and customize best-suited and beneficial options for your choices.

It is the Experiential Learning – blending concepts and practice to enhance the feeling of belonging and spatial mapping of knowledge. That leads people to the sensory focus, the experiential doing, the re-shaping sense of thoughts, and the reflective feeling and knowing. Consequently, the transformation will be triggered by self-changing behaviors and a strong sense of being. When the hidden barriers for improvements are unmasked, experiential learning gradually produces a sensory awareness inventory that provokes the ‘natural’ changes by individual differences to meet or exceed the desired outcomes. This perception adopts the great toolkit by Collin Beard (2010) in emphasizing the behavioral transformation to enhance customer service quality.

It is the Experiential Learning – using experience from the facilitator/ the advisor/ and the available academic and practical resources as the valuable source of learning and achieving desired results. There are no better means of acquiring knowledge and transforming it into skills and working ability than exposing people through the process of individual integration and integrity. It is the adaptive flexibility and integrative development when dealing with unfamiliar challenges or new experiences that enhance the observations and reflections that helping people to adapt to new circumstances and new requirements of working results. This perception follows the idea of David A. Kolb (2015) in confirming the power of experience in the individual and organizational learning process in all situations.

It is the Experiential Learning – changing behavior to improve performance that advocates the actual change of individual behaviors by immersing them and their capabilities to bear on what real-world challenges and what appears to be different from than they usually or used to face. It is the captivating process motivating the great flexibility and relevance between the unknown, the value of changing, and self-awareness. The balance of practical observations and simulations maps out the learning through ‘Win-at-work’ touchpoints: experiencing challenges – debriefing by your own words – applying learnings to results. This perception is the replica of the notion of Phil Geldart (2016) in insisting on the change for better results by building conviction – providing knowledge – facilitating skills – expecting outcomes.

It is the Experiential Learning to spot innovative market opportunities. Typically, it is the process of understanding know-how and know-why matters to understand concepts, experiencing them in realities, and reflecting into the self’s competencies. Experiential learning with the extraction of organizational courses helps changing individual behaviors to the shared understanding of organizational values and shared motivation of dedication to work. This perception is in line with the argument of Denis Hyams-Ssekasi and Elizabeth F. Caldwell (2018) in endorsing the great intervention of experiential learning for entrepreneurship training. 

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