We, With YOU: The Overall Blueprint

Here we are to go with you through the single details of your needs and support your best choice to maximize the results at the best optimal spending. The well-established process is designed in a strong consistency with the nature of all settings to ensure the understanding of your situations and the most beneficial and appropriate outcomes achieved.

Step 1 – Kick-off Meeting

Either means of the kick-off meeting that is organized, emailing, telephoning, video calling, or direct meeting, this preliminary session triggers the best route of the learning design by the comprehension of your intentions and desired outcomes. Not only does it define the road map, set expectations, and clarify the roles, it’s also an opportunity to forge an enthusiastic relationship that builds a solid foundation for collaboration now and then.

Step 2 – Process Walkthrough

We’ll dive deep into how the process walks through, covering any concerns with the existing procedure, authority, workflow, and more. SITUATIONAL MEETING is more than significant to align your goals, current processes, important KPIs, and timeline to discover the best course moving forward.

Step 3 – Mapping, Customization & Selection 

In order to match your theme and desired experience, we’ll discuss custom options for your solution. In this step are the Design Outline & the Learning Implementation Paper find.

Step 4 – Finalizing Set-up

You’ve provided the details, deciding what the best option is, now we concretize the design with the Contractual Agreement, Detailed Design of Contents, and all necessary Preparations.

Step 5 – Learning Delivery & Implementation

While the learning is delivered, a custom learning deck and check-ins are provided to keep you informed and allow us to work through any questions that may come up. The Schedule is upon our arrangement and subjected to practical situations.

Depending on your choice, different forms of testing will be offered other than the basis of the Final Test on the date or Presentation-Led session onwards.

Step 6 – Observation and Evaluation

In one month after the learning, we’ll have a Learning Success Observation Meeting with you for assessment and revision. The Learning Evaluation Path will be guided accordingly.

Step 7 – Further Coaching [As your Request]

This step is not attached with the designed Roadmap of 6 steps, and is only available once you request due to (1) the need of extending the knowledge as outcomes of the learning; (2) arisen gaps during the learning that urges us to organize the 1-plus session; (3) your personal interest in exploring the contents by a different way and mean; etc. In either case, we have sincere discussions to ensure the additionals bring you huge benefits.

Making it Happen – An intensive improvement needs to begin now!